Cascade Village Modern Home Design

When a duplex unit came up for sale in Vail, the family living in the other half of the duplex decided to buy it and asked Kyle and his team for help with how to use the whole property. Together, they decided to create a single-family home out of the duplex, one that would grow with their family and accommodate their future grandchildren.

The result was a home built into the landscape with a majestic view of the mountains at the bend of Gore Creek. The home has a rustic flair and fits unobtrusively into its surroundings. It is made with stone that echoes the color and texture of the naturally occurring rocks in the area. The exterior is accented with wood and makes extensive use of glass to bring the outdoors in.

To make the most of the surrounding mountain beauty and regular sunshine, the home is designed for easy indoor/outdoor transitional living. A wraparound deck allows the client to walk the length of the house and provide easy access to the outdoors from anywhere in the home, from the master suite to the great room. Equally important, the home makes use of the sunshine for solar power and is built for heating and cooling with maximum energy efficiency.