Made in Japan Luxury Residential Design

The idea for this home was born nearly a decade ago, when we worked with the client to design a home in Cascade Village in Vail. The client held off on building and, years later, returned to ask if we would be interested in working with world-renowned Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma.

After a fruitful and creative two-year collaboration with Kuma, the result is a design for a residential piece of art that melts into the landscape. Aspen beams outside of the home make it appear that the home is part of the natural aspen forest surrounding it. The overlapping rooftops with rooftop gardens make the home fit seamlessly into the hillside. The inside of the home features extensive views of the landscape as well aspen beams to melt the boundaries between inside and outside living. The layout and architectural elements are designed as both inspirational art and functional space for today’s home life. The natural materials throughout ground the home in the simplicity and beauty of nature, giving it an almost sacred feel.

The home is designed to accommodate large groups for entertaining, with a large kitchen and dining space and extensive seating at the kitchen bar and the dining table. The design also includes more intimate spaces for smaller groups and individual enjoyment, complete with fireplace.