Polarstar Luxury Home Design - Vail Valley, CO

As the primary home for an active and social family, this needed to be a livable and usable contemporary space while also housing the family’s extensive art collection. To add to the challenge, the building site was 10 acres of beautiful but challenging terrain for building, not well-suited to conventional home designs. Our architects worked in harmony with the environment rather than struggling against it, using flat roof lines and a long profile to create a home that looks like it has always belonged on the site. Situated to maximize views of the surrounding mountain beauty, the home makes use of special European windows that give access to outside light and views throughout the home. Sliding glass doors naturally and beautifully bring the outdoors in. Offering both privacy and majestic views, the master bathroom cantilevers out into the backyard, a sanctuary from the busy world. The family is as passionate about cooking as they are art, so we designed a social high-end kitchen to embrace the act of gathering. The end goal was having the art collection shine in the contemporary spaces that complement rather than compete with the art – integrating it into much-used and well-loved living spaces.