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The traditional mountain house may look warm and cozy from the outside, but itʻs basic design is often confining for todayʻs homeowners. The traditional rustic decor that goes with these homes is also not for everyone. However, in recent years, the mountain modern aesthetic has emerged as an elegant and practical solution for those seeking the mountain lifestyle. Below is a brief introduction to mountain modern design.

What is Mountain Modern Architecture?

Traditional mountain architecture and design were characterized by rustic elements such as heavy wood beams, robust wood furniture, and thick textiles. These very masculine components to mountain living were not ideal for contemporary living. Homeowners in the mountain are now wanting to evolve from that traditional log cabin feel.

The mountain modern style entails infusing a modern architecture flair into the rough terrain and more extreme climate. It involves replacing the heavy rugs with elegant modern flooring and modern heating. It also features interiors that focus on more contemporary furniture and art. Most importantly, it involves fulfilling your unique lifestyle needs and preferences.

Main Features of Mountain Modern Designs

So, what are the features of mountain modern architecture designs? Some of the most notable and common ones include:

Open Layout  and Clean Lines

It is difficult to relax and spread out in a home that is confining and not optimized for the modern mountain lifestyle. Mountain modern design increases the home’s square footage and makes space usage more efficient for homeowners. For example, there are now unique opportunities for specific lifestyles, such as ski rooms, bunk rooms, and indoor/outdoor spaces. Modern and open kitchens with clever shelving and cabinetry as well as large islands allow for ample entertaining. Additionally, tall ceilings, clean lines and open layouts make rooms look and feel more spacious.

Natural Materials & Rich Textures

Another hallmark of the mountain aesthetic is the use of natural elements and locally sourced materials. Natural reclaimed wood and various stone and hardscape are used in these homes to seamlessly blend with the elements. The mountain modern home also prioritizes texture over color – neutral colors blend in well with the landscape.

Large Windows and Natural Light

The mountain landscape is truly majestic and makes for picturesque views. Many people marvel at these glorious views, and mountain modern architecture provides the opportunity to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Natural light is also brighter and healthier than artificial lighting. Fortunately, you can get lots of natural lighting in the mountains through the expansive windows that are often the focal point of these mountain abodes.

Low Maintenance

No second or third homeowner wants to spend time maintaining their oasis when they could be relaxing or enjoying the mountain lifestyle. Mountain modern homes are designed to be efficient, while nature takes care of the exterior. Native vegetation can thrive on the surrounding land, while hardscaped outdoor spaces keep maintenance down to a minimum.


The mountains are a harsh environment and it is important to use materials that can withstand the tumultuous climate. The mountain modern home often takes into consideration the harsh conditions as well as protection from natural disasters. Reclaimed wood and recycled materials also keep these projects sustainable.

Additionally, home design technology has come a long way for homeowners that wish to live off-grid. The mountain modern home is self-supporting with smart technology.

The Mountain Lifestyle

The mountain lifestyle is the main draw for outdoor enthusiasts. Living among the grand peaks of Vail, CO, opens up a range of fun and fulfilling opportunities, including:

  • Skiing and Winter Resorts
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Mountain biking

Make It Happen!

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