Home of the Mountain Modern Design

The traditional mountain house may look warm and cozy from the outside, but itʻs basic design is often confining for todayʻs homeowners. The traditional rustic decor that goes with these homes is also not for everyone. However, in recent years, the mountain modern aesthetic has emerged as an elegant and practical solution for those seeking the mountain lifestyle. Below is a brief introduction to mountain modern design.

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Best Home Design Trends of 2021

This past year put an emphasis on the home and functional living spaces unlike any year before.  Many homeowners embraced the need to stay at home, by updating their existing home or seeking out a new space to meet their needs. Whether remodeling already existing spaces or acquiring new homes, we saw a number of new trends emerge. Continue reading “Best Home Design Trends of 2021”

Luxury architectural design is not bound by restraints as many other design fields, and because of this, any home can be designed with everything you desire for your Colorado sanctuary. Contact us today to learn more about architectural design in Vail and the surrounding areas.

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A Guide to Modern Architecture

Modern architecture, also known as modernist architecture, focuses on using innovative and current construction technologies such as glass, reinforced concrete, and steel. The main idea behind the aesthetic is that form should follow function while embracing minimalism. Such designs reject ornamentation, as is visible in most iconic modern buildings. Continue reading “A Guide to Modern Architecture”

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