Mountain Star, CO


Our client was looking for an open-concept home that could serve as both a vacation home and, eventually, a full-time residence. With permission to stretch themselves both creatively and architecturally, K.H. Webb designed Wildrose, an airy four-bedroom home intended to make daily life simple and beautiful. The home draws the outdoors inside with majestic picture windows and sliding doors that give easy access to outdoor living spaces. The cantilevered roof creates clean modern lines and allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains.

Wildrose’s siding is made with concrete boards that were modeled and formed with real wooden boards to capture the complex richness of wood’s whorls and knots. The result is a sustainably built home with the beauty and warmth of real wood.

Every hallway, corner and stairway in the home offers its own piece of art. Cantilevered wood stairs rise through a stairwell of porcelain tile with embedded LED lights that appear to push through openings in the tile. The clean, square lines of the charcoal-colored granite fireplace slab is softened with an organic etching that echoes the area’s vegetation. Warm clay tiles serve as a room divider while still maintaining the home’s open feel. An outdoor steel pergola creates a welcoming outdoor space, and the entryway’s perforated steel screen welcomes guests with a pattern that continues through the home’s woodworking and fixtures. With artistic elements and creative use of materials, this home carries the beauty of the mountain environment throughout an elegant and practical living space.