Best Home Design Trends of 2021

This past year put an emphasis on the home and functional living spaces unlike any year before.  Many homeowners embraced the need to stay at home, by updating their existing home or seeking out a new space to meet their needs. Whether remodeling already existing spaces or acquiring new homes, we saw a number of new trends emerge.

Architects and designers have already mastered these budding trends and are keen on creating the best new home designs to meet their clients’ needs. This includes taking different approaches to the designs and considering every individual’s preferences in their desired space.

This article highlights the best home design trends of 2021 in Colorado and provides you with different design options for your next home or home renovation.

Flexible Space

Homebuyers are looking for homes that work well for them today, as well as tomorrow. They’re also thinking about how their home might change as their family grows. Young families want homes that can accommodate their growing needs, while older generations may want accessible, single-floor living with dedicated space for friends and family visits.

As time moves forward, homeowners find that the spaces they might have used for things like work or family care are no longer as important, as their priorities and situations may have changed. When these spaces are initially designed with the intention of other uses down the line, the transition between the rooms’ purposes will be seamless.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

The idea of integrating the indoor living system into the outdoor space isn’t a new concept, however, the best new home designs are targeting that perfect sanctuary experience. These spaces incorporate the mountain home design with features like large decks and huge windows to take in the outdoor views, all of which create spaces that feel larger and more open without expanding interior floor space.

These buffed-up outdoor living spaces give the family a more communal experience as they sit around the fireplace or dine together. You’ll find such spaces incorporated with modern entertainment systems, kitchens, dining areas, and fire pits where families can sit together and bond.

Eco-friendly Design

Colorado’s energy-efficient home designs utilize state-of-the-art energy systems with a high affinity to renewable solar energy and geothermal heating systems. Modern architects take advantage of the local climate conditions to create energy-efficient constructions for lighting and powering household appliances.

This trend makes it among the best home designs considering the reduced costs on home energy usage through renewable energy systems such as solar electricity and solar water heating. It also takes into account quality insulation to ensure that the home residents enjoy a cool atmosphere. Also, energy-efficient homes will ensure a seamless flow of activity without worrying about the cost.

Integrated Landscape

Today’s homeowners are most interested in home designs that connect them with nature as much as possible and complement the surrounding environment. This trend challenges home designers and architects to come up with home designs that integrate the landscape of the area.

This holistic approach to home designs harmonizes the surrounding environment with the home in order to give it a complete feel. There’s no better way to feel at home than making it resonate with everything around it.

The goal for the integrated landscape home design is to create a natural-feeling sanctuary, while also boosting the property’s value, increasing the livable space, and giving the home a beautiful look inside and out. The best new home designs capture Colorado’s beautiful landscape and fulfill any home owner’s dream.

Natural Materials

Homeowners of 2021 tilted their passions more into natural materials like copper, brick, glass, tiles, wood, metal, and natural stones, making them valuable assets in their home designs. These natural materials bring in a real connection with nature and give the home a feeling of peace.

Among the most desired natural materials for home designs are plants. They have a great way of connecting the outside and the inside in a mountain home design and blending well with other features and colors within the house.

Even though every individual home owner’s preference for style varies greatly, we can all agree that nature is more appreciated, and the anesthetic appeal of natural materials cannot be undervalued. Also, the earthy tones in natural materials connect with the soul at a deeper level.

Multiple Master Suites

Traditionally, homes have been designed with a single master suite reserved for the heads of the household, however, this year has had luxury home designers considering second or third master suites to use for any short and long-term houseguests. Additional master suites are typically separated from the rest of the home, to accommodate a level of privacy for the permanent residents.

Master suites are generally larger than other bedrooms in the house, with attached, private bathrooms, and when possible, exceptional exposure to the surrounding environment. While secondary master suites require extra design considerations, they do not typically require much more when under construction. Because these spaces are often reserved for guests, they will also commonly have their own private entrances, and in some cases, may also have small kitchenettes included in the room.

Luxury Architectural Design in Vail, CO

The home design trends discussed in this article reveal the direction and customer preferences for 2021 and moving forward into the new year. Social trends for the past couple years have carved a need for mountain home designs, energy efficiency, and multiple master suites designs that are great for enhancing connectivity with people and nature.

Luxury architectural design is not bound by restraints as many other design fields, and because of this, any home can be designed with everything you desire for your Colorado sanctuary. Contact us today to learn more about architectural design in Vail and the surrounding areas.

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